Applying Furniture Transfers

If you are an admirer of painted furniture, you may have noticed some elaborate floral designs showing up in your Facebook or Instagram feed. Did you assume they were hand drawn and painted? Nope… well maybe some are, there are some uber talented artist among us… but for the most part, they are transfers!

I’m not going to pretend to know the science behind it, so don’t quote me on this, but it’s like a super thin vinyl design that “simply” rubs onto your furniture or I assume, anywhere else you desire to apply it.

I’m a newbie to this arena and have only applied one other transfer previous to this one. I was able to cut and rearrange the design, basically make it my own.The secretary had lots of curves and raised areas, which took some patience, but overall was fairly easy to apply. I’m assuming this one should be a breeze on a flat surface. 🤞🏼

Unlike the first, this transfer this one is black and white, clear really.. this makes it paintable, giving you the option of filling in the design with colors of your choice.

Before diving in I prepped, primed, and painted my petite Queen Anne style chest, which I just adore btw, in the design and colors I wanted to highlight the pattern with.

I’ll tell you, I posted the dresser in this stage as a means to document the process on social media and I was a little surprised by the overwhelming response of folks that loved it just like this.❤️

Sorry guys, the show must go on!

This is where things get real.. I had recorded the entire process, but once I looked it over… well, it was pretty boring. I spent a good 20 minutes rubbing with all my might and nothing was happening.🤷🏻‍♀️

That’s why I previously stated, “simply” in quotations. Ha! Nothings ever simple, now is it? That is until I found the secret…

*Parts of this video have been sped up for easier viewing.

I’m not particularly a huge floral kinda girl, but I’m in love with the way this cutie turn out! Like I mentioned before, you can cut and rearrange the pattern to your liking. There was some writing at the very top of the transfer that I didn’t care for, so it was removed. Once the transfer was on, varnish was applied to protect not only the paint but the transfer as well.

Let me know, have you worked with transfers? Do you plan on giving it go?

Here’s a list of Wise Owl Paint colors used:




Matte Varnish

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