Replacing Dresser Tops

When I scrolled across this dresser on Facebook marketplace, I was immediately drawn to it.  So much detail! I even loved the scalloped trim along the bottom, that I ultimately ended up removing.


Unfortunately, pictures don’t always tell the whole story.  Upon closer look, the top had chipping and peeling veneer in several places.  Now usually, I will simply cut pine planks to size and nail them directly to the existing top.  I love this look, because it only adds to the rustic charm I love so much. However, this top is not only partial board under the very thin veneer, it was crumbling partial board.  So, I opted to replace the top entirely.


It’s easier than you think…. most tops are screwed to the frame from underneath.  Unscrew the top with a cordless drill, using a Flexible Impact Bit attachment makes this task so much easier to get into those hard to reach places… my husband says it’s one of the best tools he has ever invested in!






I’m using two 2×10 pine boards for the new top.  This will give you a nice, solid, chunky wood top… who doesn’t love a chunky wood top!?  The shortest they come at my local Home Depot is 8ft, so they will need to be cut to size, I measured mine with a one inch overhang on each side and cut with a Miter Saw.  You can also have Home Depot cut them to size for you.



To ensure the boards are stable, with no sag in the middle and are as close together as possible, we countersunk several screw evenly spaced using a Kreg mini pocket hole jig as a guide to drill the hole.  Then screw the two boards together, we prefer to use star head screws (pictured below) because there is less slipping and stripping.







Flip the boards over and sand, concentrating on the edges, rock your sander back and forth to form a rounded edge.  Now your ready to stain and top coat with the color of your choice, I used Minwax Dark Walnut and top coated with Wise Owl Varnish in Matte.  Once dry, re attach with screws into existing holes, we used the original screws for this step.



For the final look, I decided the scalloped trim along the bottom was just a tad bit of detail overload.  It was easy to remove, popped right off with a little help of a hammer.  It looked unfinished without it, so I simply trimmed off one whole scallop and then cut that in half.  I nailed and glued each half to the ends to create a more finished appearance.

I began with a completely different design in mind, as seen in a previous photo. When I didn’t care for how it was transitioning, I began experimenting… here is a list of products and colors used.

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint: (Wise Owl Paint can be purchased here on



Republic Red


Gray Linen

Furniture Salve

Hemp Oil Wax – Black

Gold Gilding Wax from Hobby Lobby

I’m in love with how it turned out!

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