Rusted Table Top

So… how do you feel about rust? On purpose, I mean! This may sound a little odd, but I actually think there is something kinda special about it, maybe even elegant.

I was recently inspired by one or maybe even my all time favorite furniture artist, ReLoved by Maja Komasa. I’ve never met her, we’ve never had a conversation, heck… we don’t even speak the same language! But that doesn’t stop me from admiring her work. I love her use of texture, color and you guessed it… rust!

I have a table much like this one that sits right next to my front door. It accidentally found its home there when I found myself a bit overflowing with new inventory and had no other place to put it, and I just grew accustom to it being there.

This is where the connection between the two pieces ends. I have zero idea what products Maja used to create her finish, so I was left to my own devices. That’s okay, there is nothing like a good artistic experiment!
I used some new-to-me products to achieve this rusted finish from a the brand called Autentico Paint USA Rust in Jar, along with their texture additive that I have used once before and have fallen in love with, Sea Salt Fizz… because the texture of real rust is just as important as color!

Autentico Paint USA

The rust line actually comes in three separate colors… Dark Rust, Red, and Golden. I chose to forgo buying the Dark Rust to save myself a buck, thinking I could supplement that color with paint. In hindsight, it worked out fine, but next time I won’t be so cheap and just spring for the whole enchilada.

Autentico Paint USA

I started with a solid coat of black chalk style paint, feel free to use whatever you have on hand, as I did. This step may not be necessary, but I felt like it made sense to start with a solid dark surface. From there, I started layering the different shades of rust, mixing in the powder and Base for Rust in small batches along with adding the Sea Salt Fizz. Applying with a stipple motion, always leaving the color underneath peaking through.

I did this several times allowing the layers to dry in between coats. Here are a few screen shots form the actual tutorial that was recorded Live in the Create & Connect Interactive Membership Group.


I am overjoyed with the final result and will definitely be keeping these products stocked in my arsenal of secret weapons.😉

Please feel free to leave feedback, I’d love to hear what you think of this makeover.😊

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