Simple Old World Patina

These nightstands are a part of my personal bedroom suite, it’s the first {and only} brand new set my husband and I have ever purchased ten years ago. They are a clean white, enamel type finish and honestly there isn’t a thing wrong with them, other than… I’m bored.

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What’s the limit on how many times a piece of furniture can be painted? Apparently, there isn’t one, at least not in my house.

When I decided to paint them, I really had no plan. I thought adding a bit of color to my otherwise monotone color scheme would be good.

I loved this look and it was so fun to create, but at the end of the day it just wasn’t going to fit in… I painted it two more times.

I finally came to the conclusion that neutral was the way to go, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain or boring! They can still have tons of contrast, texture and interest. This set checks all of those boxes!

I used two colors of Wise Owl Paints to achieve this look, Weathervane and Limestone.

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The entire process was recorded LIVE and can be viewed in the Create & Connect Interactive Membership Group.

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I started with some basic blending to highlight the drawers and mimic the natural pattern of color aging.

First coat of paint!
No worries, that first coat is never perfect! It’s what we painters call the “ugly stage”.

The second coat is you opportunity to “perfect“ your blend, but let’s face it… everyone has their own perception of perfection, so don’t over stress!

Second Coat

If you like the way this blend looks… you could totally stop here, but we are going to take this look one step further and add a wash to create an aged patina.

Brush on.
Blot off.

The wash will not only soften your blend, but it adds a sense of texture and rustic charm.

I completed this look by adding reclaimed wood planked tops. Because really, no piece ever really complete without them. The boards where cleaned up by removing old nails, sanding, cutting to size and nailed done.

Look at the character!
I can’t wait to put them right back where they belong, in my room!

I hope you enjoyed this furniture transformation. If you are interested in learning the full process, we would love to have you in our Create & Connect group on Facebook, where you can learn this and many more finishes.

Please feel free to leave feedback, I enjoy hearing from you!

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