Stamped Rose Crate Dresser

New Year, new goals… one of mine is to be more present right here! When I started this blog my intention was to share the process of EVERY project, which may have been a bit ambitious of me. If you are a regular follower of The white Plum, I’m sure you already know how well that’s been going. I won’t even give you my many excuses, I’m just gonna do better. 

Last year… doesn’t that sound so long ago, I ordered a can of Wise Owl Paint’s new seasonal color 1987 just because I loved it so much and knew I needed to use it on something. I’ve secretly day dreamed of painting my front door a similar shade of pink ever since I spotted this image on Pinterest.
My husband turns a blind eye to most of my spontaneous home projects, but I’m pretty sure the foot would come down on that one, so for now I’ll stick to furniture.
Well, I’m down to the last piece in my current inventory, so she’s the winner of this amazing “off-pink” color.
My original plan was to go super clean and minimal, polished off with brushed gold hardware. My daughter has the cutest royal blue, velvet vanity chair with gold legs that I had visions of staging it with. Can you picture it? Those colors would be amazing together!
Like most of my projects, the vision transitioned into something completely different. No biggie, I’ve got plenty of paint left for another project or two, heck maybe even three or four with as much paint I have left in this one quart… I’ll be sure to put that chair to use. 
I got things going by completely stripping the top, removing the middle doors and stripping the drawers behind them as well. I filled in the hardware holes of the top drawers and screw holes that were left behind from removing the doors with Bondo, knowing I wanted to replace with single knobs verses pulls. If you want more info on using Bondo, see my previous post HERE

Once the Bondo had fully dried, the entire dresser got a good sanding and cleaning with soap and water. This is a dark wood piece with a lot of red undertones, so I played it smart and primed with Wise Owl Primer in Clear to stop any wood tannins from bleeding through. I used clear for no other reason than, it’s simply what I had on hand. Although, I do prefer clear (unless I’m painting white) over any other because most of my pieces get distressed.

There is something magical about those first few brush strokes, things just start to come alive and become a little less overwhelming. To lessen the appearance of brush strokes I kept the surface damp by misting with water. A good quality brush and a light hand also help tremendously. I prefer Cling On brushes.

This is where the vision changed for me… seeing the piece at this stage, with the doors off, the drawers kinda reminded me of crates. Especially once the wood was stained in Flagstone by Varathane and it took on a more weathered gray tone than expected.

To play off of the crate vibe, I applied a portion of an Iron Orchid Designs transfer I had left over from a previous completed project to the middle drawer fronts. For more information on applying furniture transfers visit my previous post HERE.

In continuation of the new “botanical rose crate” vision, I used IOD Decor Stamps in Lady Of Shallot on the neighboring drawer fronts.

I love the idea of using stamps! They can be used over and over again, making them an economical design choice and they are so easy to use!

Here’s my practice board, please excuse the embarrassing left over holiday polish. Although I can’t say my nails ever look good, they don’t… we’ll just call it an occupational hazard. I used a custom mix of Wise Owl Paint for my stamp color.

I feel like this piece would compliment any room with style, but oh baby would it be adorable in a nursery!💕

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Don’t be shy, feel free to leave your feedback. I’d love to hear what you think of this furniture makeover.

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